Trainer Joshua Kalinan

Trainer • 先生

Joshua Kalinan holds several titles, world records, and global awards for wine and sake. Originally trained and certified in wine, Joshua discovered an interest in sake after completing the Certified Wine Educator (CWE) examination in Tokyo and began training as a certified sake sommelier under the Sake Sommelier Association in London. Shortly after, he started to write several articles on sake for Cuisine and Wine Magazine.

Joshua Kalinan S, Master Sake Sommelier, standing at a wooden table bearing a wine glass, and bottles of wine and sake.
Joshua Kalinan (Master Sake Sommelier)

Success led to Joshua being appointed as a judge for the 2015 London Sake Challenge. In the same year, he was awarded the prestigious International Kikisake-Shi certification by the Sake Service Institute (SSI) in Japan. Further research and work led to his being awarded the WSET Level 3 in sake, culminating in an inaugural scholarship to study a residential sake and shochu course in Tokyo.

In 2016, Joshua gained international prominence as runner-up in the Sake Sommelier of the Year competition. Then, a global record followed in 2018 when Joshua won Sake Sommelier of the Year, earning a place in history as the first Singaporean ever to achieve the title. Nor did success end there; within months of the historic win Joshua was back in the spotlight — this time for meriting the title Master Sake Sommelier, after acing the exams with distinction, at the Sake Sommelier Academy.

Joshua’s prominence led to several more invitations to speak and write on sake, and in 2019 his contributions were formally recognised by the World Gourmet Summit. That year Joshua was back at the Sake Sommelier of the Year competition, this time as a full serving judge. His official appointment, by the Sake Sommelier Association (United Kingdom), has been celebrated as a mark of rare honour. Global media recognition followed with CNN running a fly-on-the-wall documentary on Joshua and his family, titled ‘Escape from the Ordinary’.

Joshua started WineTime in 2015 to promote learning, inter-cultural understanding, and ultimately the enrichment of the global wine and sake community. WineTime welcomes hotels, Michelin Star restaurants, airlines, butlers, service personnel, private collectors, and individuals keen on cultivating a deeper appreciation of the world’s finest beverages.

• 2018 Winner Sake Sommelier of the Year
• 2016 Runner-up Sake Sommelier of the Year
• 2015 Semi-finalist Sake Sommelier of the Year

Sake Qualifications
• 2018 Master Sake Sommelier (SSA)
• 2017 Certificate in Sake & Shochu (JSSA)
• 2016 International Kikisake-Shi (SSI)
• 2016 WSET level 3 in Sake (WSET)
• 2014 Certified Sake Sommelier (SSA)

Wine Qualifications
• 2014 Certified Wine Educator (SWE)
• 2014 Certified Wine Professional (CIA)
• 2012 Certified Specialist of Wine (SWE)
• 2004 Certified Sommelier (CMS)
• 2004 Advanced Certificate in Wine and Spirits
• 2003 Intermediate Certificate in Wine and Spirits

Training Qualifications
• 2012 Graduate Diploma in Training and Development
• 2011 Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment

• 2005 MBA Maastricht School of Management
• 1996 BBus University of Tasmania
• 1992 Diploma in Marketing (CIM, UK)
• 1991 Diploma in Marketing & Sales Management


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